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The Association was formed in 1935 to improve and promote the art and science of health record administration and standards of practice in Health Record Administration. The Association has represented Health Record professionals in Ontario for over 50 years. The membership of the Ontario Health Record Association are leaders in health information management and are experts in:

· classification systems (ICD-10-CA/CCI)
· grouping methodologies
· data analysis for decision making
· data quality and standards
· documentation
· utilization management
· interpretation and reporting of health related statistics
· privacy and information security
· patient information systems
· the electronic health record

Decades of growth and development in the practice, process, education and management of Health Information provided members with expertise in every aspect of Health Information Management. As new technology continues to emerge, members are continuously challenged in meeting the demands.


  • To provide leadership in Health Information Management

  • To actively promote the Association

  • To provide and support educational opportunities

  • To maintain strong partnerships with all stakeholders in the health information field

  • To make recommendations on issues relating to the management of health information


  • Certified Health Information Professionals of the Canadian College of Health Record Administrators (CCHRA)

  • Health Information Professionals who "possess a unique blend of knowledge encompassing biomedical sciences, information sciences, legal aspects of health information and the integration of clinical and financial information"

  • As leaders of Health Information Management, our members work in a variety of environments:

    • hospital networks
    • community health clinics
    • government agencies
    • educational institutions
    • law offices
    • insurance companies
    • pharmaceutical companies
    • long term care facilities
    • rehabilitation centers
    • computer software and hardware vendors


The Membership of the Ontario Health Record Association strive to be the leaders in Health Information Management through educational sessions and continuing education. They promote their expertise by speaking at relevant peer professional groups and communicating standards for record keeping and quality health information management. Health Information Professionals:

  • manage health information services in health facilities

  • use computer technologies to capture, manage and analyze data

  • provide essential information for financial and management planning, quality improvement and utilization review

  • provide a consultative service to the health care community

  • interpret healthcare legislation and develop corresponding policies and procedures

  • advise on matters of privacy and security requirements for patient information


  • Actively promote the Association and its goals by maintaining open communication with its members by means of

    • regional quality meetings

    • education programs

    • "News & Views" newsletter publication three times per year

    • Website

  • Communicate, network and work collaboratively with the Ministry of Health, CIHI, JPPC, OHA, CHIMA and other significant stakeholders to influence decisions related to the management of health information

  • Recognize excellence in health information management


The Ontario Health Record Association prides itself on keeping open communications with other health care colleagues around the province. The Ontario Health Record Association has received Allied Group status with the Ontario Hospital Association. The purpose of the Allied Group within the OHA structure is to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship. We will work with the OHA on management issues, policy development and educational opportunities.

As a provincial Association we also work closely with the Canadian Health Record Association and the Alliance of Health Record Associations of Canada to ensure that issues of national importance to Health Record Professionals are identified, reviewed and reported on.


The Ontario Health Record Association is arranged into 6 Regional Groups throughout the province. This allows for specific issues and educational opportunities to be organized and reviewed at the Regional Level. The communication between the Regional Group and the Executive of the Ontario Health Record Association is critical to ensure that the membership is aware of all issues affecting us.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS is comprised of 1 representative (Chair) from each Region. Each Regional Chair is responsible for a portfolio -

  • President / Chair

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Director, Advocacy

  • Director, Communications

  • Director, Professional Development

  • Director, No Portfolio

Regional Vice-Chairs are responsible for planning and coordinating regional programs for their membership

Communication between the Regional Groups and the Executive of the Ontario Health Record Association is critical to ensure that the membership is aware of all issues affecting health information professionals

Until recently and since 1935, the following emblem represented us as our OHRA logo.

In October 2003, the membership voted in favour of a name change to more accurately reflect the daily reality of Health Information Professionals (HIP) and to bring the Ontario Association in line with the National organization of CHIMA, formerly CHRA. A call to the membership for a new logo with a more modern and updated design brought forth the following approved new logo for the Ontario Health Information Management Association. We wanted to keep the traditional green color. If you look closely at the logo, you will see all of the letters within the ohima name. Congratulations to Joan Reay who designed the chosen entry.

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