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Strategy Plan-2004

Goal # 1
To represent O.H.I.M.A. members on governmental and legislative initiatives.


  • To participate in the Ontario Health Informatics Standards Council (OHISC) of Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA)
  • To participate in the Alliance of Health Information Management Associations of Canada
  • To participate in the HL7 working group of OHISC
  • To participate in the unique health identifier project

Goal # 2

To identify and meet the needs of the O.H.I.M.A. membership


  • To annually survey members to ascertain their current needs of a provincial professional association
  • To evaluate and, where practicable, implement survey responses regarding member needs

Goal # 3
To provide member value and services


  • To produce a minimum of three newsletters annually
  • To collaborate with OHA in organizing and delivering the annual H.I.M. conference
  • To provide an annual spring educational session
  • To maintain a current and relevant website

Goal #4
To be accountable to O.H.I.M.A. membership


  • To annually evaluate board performance in achieving objectives
  • To conduct a minimum of 6 board meetings annually
  • To make board meeting minutes available to the membership

Goal #5
To maintain an active role in Data Quality initiatives


  • To Chair the Ontario Data Quality Task Force
  • To partner with C.H.I.M.A. and C.I.H.I. in provincial data quality initiatives
  • To organize regional data quality committees

Goal # 6
To maintain the viability of O.H.I.M.A.


  • To increase the membership of O.H.I.M.A. by 20% through expanded membership to include H.I.P. students and Medical Transcriptionists
  • To offer web site sponsorship
  • To promote newsletter advertising

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